December 5, 2020



  • FIRST READING – Delene Janke has requested that her membership be transferred from Auburn City Church to Voice of Hope.
  • MASKING UP -  We have been very blessed in our church.  So far, we have had no Coronavirus cases.  However, we do have several people who attend who are vulnerable to the virus, so, although we do not require them, we are respectfully asking that you wear a mask when attending our church services.  Thank you.
  • CHRISTMAS CAROLING – Because of Covid restrictions, we will do something different this year.  Please join us this afternoon after church for singing carols.  We will try to record the caroling, and send the discs out to our shut-ins. 
  • PRAYER MEETING – We consider prayer the furnace of the church.  Please come help us stoke up that furnace this Tuesday at 7:00 pm.
  • MAKE ROOM IN YOUR HEART – Catch up on episodes and get ready for a new episode coming December 1! Listen now to episode 3 where the team welcomes equity coach Erin Jones for a conversation on code switching. Now available on Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify and YouTube!
  • WALK THROUGH BETHLEHEM! – Starting December 4th online at Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to gather for our annual Walk Through Bethlehem event. After an abundance of prayer and dedication, we are excited to bring you an online alternative. Gather your family and experience the familiar story of Jesus’ birth from a new perspective. Join us online at the website listed above for “Night of Nights” written by Arthur S. Maxwell, and dramatically read by Conrad.
  • BOARD MEETING – Our board meetings are open meetings on the third Tuesday of every month.  If you have ideas on how we might better do things, or just wish to know what the church is planning to do, please come and let your thoughts be heard.  Our next board meeting is December 15 at 6:00 pm.
  • DAUGHTERS OF THE KING – Because the fourth Thursday in December is Christmas Eve, we are moving our women’s meeting up to December 17. Daughters of the King will meet December 17 at 7:00 pm, barring any further restrictions at the home of Terri Peters, 143 E 66th St, Tacoma.  Thank you.
  • NATIVITY PROGRAM – I have started planning the Nativity program for this year.  If you have any ideas, readings, or songs you would like to have included, please contact Lilajean at 253-906-3101 or  Thanks.
  • COMMUNION AND AGAPE FEAST – We are welcoming in the New Year with a special combination Communion and Agape Feast January 1.  More information as to time will be published later. 
  • KENYA DAY – We will be blessed with our Kenyan friends January 2.  They will be planning and presenting the complete service that day.  So, let’s all be prepared for a blessed morning of worship!
  • 10 DAYS OF FASTING AND PRAYER – Every year we like to start the year out with a time of fasting and prayer.  This year, we will start our fast January 8.
  • DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS – We usually remember our monthly birthdays at our fellowship meals.  However, since our fellowship meals have been canceled for the time being, we are honoring those with birthdays in December here.  Please wish a happy birthday to: Delene Janke, Sarah Wheeler, Joy Kapinos, Skeeter Thomas, and Tess Escobar.  Many happy returns!
  • BULLETIN SUBMISSIONS – The deadline is Friday at noon.  If you have any bulletin information, please get it to Lilajean before noon the Friday before that Sabbath’s bulletin.  My phone number is 253-906-3101, and my email is or


 “For it is by grace that your have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God" – Ephesians 2:8